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The bucket is a vessel - it contains things, separates them, and it takes you places. It's the ideal metaphor for understanding, organizing, and benefiting from your finances.
Retirement and estate planning can be overwhelming for those brave enough to take it on. Wading through the seemingly endless amount of available information on this subject can be daunting. Without a fundamental framework in place to help guide you through the process, you can end up getting lost. Below you will find such a framework we call, Helping You Keep Together, What You Have Put Together®. We use this tool with our clients, and we hope that readers of this post can benefit from it as well.
Think of your sources of retirement income as separate buckets. You have three: Annuities, Registered Assets, and Non-Registered Assets. Each of these buckets should have a distinct purpose. Annuities are a fixed income that pays a fixed expense. Registered Assets are easily accessible for emergencies and lifestyle expenses, and non-registered assets are tax efficient and optimal for passing on to the next generation.


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