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Illness can strike at any time, so critical illness insurance can help protect you and your family financially at precisely the time you are least able to do so.

Critical illness insurance is designed to help financially support patients before, during and after treatment by providing a lump-sum benefit when a critical illness is diagnosed. This type of coverage provides a one-time, lump-sum benefit if you’re diagnosed with a critical condition as defined in the policy, and you satisfy the survival period.

Basic coverage includes the 3 most commonly claimed critical conditions:

  • Heart attack
  • Life-threatening cancer
  • Stroke

You choose the type and amount of coverage and the options you need. You decide how to spend the money.

Critical illness coverage:

  • Provides a lump sum benefit on illness diagnosis
  • Can be extended to include all family members, including children
  • Cover mortgage payments and help maintain lifestyle
  • Provides income supplements for part-time or seasonal workers
  • Enables parents or partners to look after their loved ones without worry


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Why choose critical illness coverage

While none of us plan to fall ill, critical illness insurance provides the assurance that if we do, our income and lifestyle will be protected while we recover. The good news is that many more Canadians are recovering from major illness than ever before and deaths caused by cancers and heart related diseases have declined sharply in the last 30 years.

Critical illness insurance is different from health care insurance. Basic health insurance covers the cost of treatments, but doesn't support your recovery financially. Critical illness coverage can be added to existing health coverage, or can be bought as a stand-alone policy, for example, for employees with health benefits provided by their employers.

Critical illness insurance can also provide funds for alternative or out-of-country treatments, allowing you to take more control of your treatment than with just health insurance alone.


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