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If you had to stop work due to an accident or illness, how would you cope financially? Disability insurance is designed to help take away the worry of earning money while you are recovering or rehabilitating from illness.

Disability insurance payments help make up for the loss of income if you become ill and unable to work, so it is important insurance cover for families with a single earner, or for the self-employed. As many businesses in Canada reduce or cut out their group insurance for employees in the economic downturn, it's also becoming more crucial for salaried workers wanting to secure their income.

Disability insurance:

  • Gives you a tax-free monthly payment if you become disabled
  • Provides a benefit based on a percentage of your regular pay or income
  • Offers security to self-employed, freelance workers, and entrepreneurs


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Why choose disability insurance

For most of us, our income and standard of living depends on our ability to work and earn. If that ability is curtailed by illness or an accident, even if you have healthcare insurance or insurance coverage for the medical bills, you may suddenly find you simply don't have the money for the rent, mortgage, car payments, holidays, etc.

Statistics show that 1 in 3 Canadians will be disabled and unable to work for 90 days or more at least once in their working lives, and 90 days of no income can make a serious dent in your savings - if you have them.

Disability insurance is different from healthcare insurance or private medical insurance. It provides a tax-free benefit payment every month that is based on a percentage of your regular pay, including salary and commissions. If you are self-employed or work on short-term contract, the figure is usually set on your previous annual income. Different levels of coverage are available, which may include covering living expenses and business overhead costs for the self-employed.

At Ian C Moyer, we'll help you assess the impact the impact your inability to work would have on your income, and advise on suitable disability cover levels. We take time to examine exactly how you earn your income, so you won't be sold policies that don't cover your needs or you can't claim on if you're self-employed. Call us for an appointment today at 1-800-565-5444.

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