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If you don't want to take risks with your savings, Guaranteed Interest Options (GIOs) offer you a guaranteed rate of interest on your savings over a fixed term (period of time) with no risk to your capital.

Money invested in a GIO earns interest daily at a guaranteed interest rate, from the day you deposit it to the end of the term of the term. Interest can be paid monthly, annually, or left to reinvest for a compound return. Most GIOs have a minimum term of 1 year and up to a maximum of 10 years, during which time you cannot access our savings without penalty, called a market rate adjustment.

Guaranteed Interest Options offer:

  • Save and secure savings without risk to capital
  • Guaranteed interest rates regardless of market changes
  • The ability to name a beneficiary
  • Opportunities to earn higher return on longer-term investments


Why choose Guaranteed Interest Options from Ian C. Moyer Insurance Agency

A GIO is a low-risk savings option for those who want sustained growth with minimal risk. If you can afford to tie your capital up for a period of time, you'll find that the longer the term of the GIO, the better the rate of interest you'll be offered.

If you set up a GIO for a named beneficiary, you get the additional benefits of an insurance policy which can be used to bypass probate, legal and other estate fees on death. (Contact us to discuss estate planning in more detail.)

A GIO is not suitable for every investor, especially if you might need your money in a hurry, so call us at Ian C. Moyer Insurance Agency and we'll guide you through the GIO maze!

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