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Segregated fund policies are investments held within an insurance policy. Their funds are fully segregated from the company's general life insurance investments, hence their name. The main attraction to these investments is their ability to provide maturity and death benefit guarantees, as well as the ability to name beneficiaries and bypass probate.

Segregated funds:

  • Offer death or maturity guarantees on the principle invested
  • Go direct to your beneficiary, & bypass estate and probate fees
  • Can provide protection against bankruptcy or creditors
  • Can form part of your wealth management portfolio
  • Are available with lifetime income benefit, bridging an annuity with a RRIF

Why choose Segregated Funds

Segregated funds are designed to secure all or part of your investment while offering the best opportunity for growth over time. Segregated funds are like other investment funds, in which individual fund managers invest in a variety of separate securities, brought together under one fund 'wrapper'. The value of the whole fund rises and falls with the performance of the various investments within the fund or funds you select.

As with standard mutual funds, you can choose the level of risk, the time frame and investment goals that suit you and your requirements. Our team here at Ian C. Moyer Insurance Agency will be more than happy to advise you on the most suitable funds for your circumstances, and suggest funds from leading Canadian investment firms.

The difference between a mutual fund and a segregated fund lies in the insurance policy element, which allows you to designate a beneficiary for the fund in the event of your death. The naming of the beneficiary ensures the fund is separate from estate calculations and probate charges that might apply. Your executor will also thank you for your forethought, as properly set up segregated funds will save them a great deal of hassle.

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