Approximately, 1000 Canadians are reaching retirement age each day. Many among them are the advisors who got them there. After 30 years of accumulation-oriented advice, most are left to fend for themselves when it comes to designing a retirement income plan that is efficient and practical. This is our specialty, we can help.

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Many financial service firms compete to manage your hard earned savings based simply on performance and fees. Planning and scenario analysis is often overlooked, and that’s the value that most Canadians are looking for and need as they approach their retirement.

“How much money will I have when I retire?” has been the primary question asked of financial advisors for the past 30 years. As more and more Canadians near retirement, they now have a much different question, “will the money I am saving be enough for me to live and enjoy my retirement?”

Retirement “income” planning, sometimes referred to as decumulation planning, is a complex and nasty financial problem to solve. This is true simply because of the may sources of income a household receives multiplied by the Canadian tax rules.

That’s why it’s important to work with an independent firm who puts planning and the client’s best interest at the forefront of their work.


Milestones Retirement Insights is Canada’s leading retirement income insights solution. Milestones empowers wealth management firms to enter the rapidly growing retirement decumulation space and grow their assets under management. Our comprehensive retirement planning report takes into account tax minimization, cash flow optimization and insurance insights. This enables advisors to provide in-depth planning advice they could never do before on their own.

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