Everyone Deserves a Financial Plan

We want to provide every Canadian the opportunity to enjoy a worry-free retirement. No matter what your financial situation is, we have flexible and transparent pricing models designed to fit a variety of planning needs.

We can help in many ways

Second opinion

Looking for a second opinion?

A one-time engagement that provides high level overview of your current progress towards retirement, including the following:

  • A detailed financial projection and list of key considerations.
  • Virtual consultation on the report results (30 min.)
  • Starts at $125.

Fee only

Looking for some advice, but want to manage your own money?

We call this a “fee-only” engagement. Here we only charge a flat hourly fee for a comprehensive review of your financial affairs, and then optional ongoing service to keep you on track.

  • Typical engagement would start with 10 hours of work.
  • After that, it’s pay-as-you-go for ongoing service.
  • $250 an hour.

Fee based

Looking for a more traditional financial advisor relationship?

In a more traditional planning relationship, the financial advisor both provides advice and invests the savings for the client.

We call this a “fee-based” engagement.

  • Here we are compensated from a % of the savings we invest.
  • Includes ongoing comprehensive financial advice and money management.
  • Compensation is recurring while the savings remain invested.

Who is a typical ICM client?

Young Professional

We have our dream jobs. We have started investing but we aren’t getting planning advice. We feel planning for the future is important.

Approaching Retirement

Time’s flying by and we’re starting to really think seriously about what retirement will be like. Can we both retire at the same time? We’re not sure we’re getting the right advice.

Already Retired

We’re retired and have had an advisor for a number of years. We feel we are invested too aggressively. I think we need another look.

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